Dad, thanks for your blog. I enjoyed it. I was also glad to see that you had a chance to pursue the blog a little yourself. &#74 Katie, congratulations on getting cable in the basement! That is great. &#74 It was so sad to hear about the virus attack, the struggle with Dad’s license, and Becky’s job. We will pray for Dad and Becky and that Mom will have a respite from computer troubles.

We are looking forward to Saturday and the feast very much. It will be so good to see everyone again. &#74

Elizabeth and I enjoyed having dinner with Grandpa and Grandma last night. When we got home we also enjoyed listening to the State of the Union address by Bush. It was quite a contrast to the zoo in Iowa. Has anyone been following the Democratic Presidential Nominations? They are heating up. Howard Dean’s political career is as good as dead. It might have been better for the Republicans if he had survived and gone on to make a fool of the Democratic party, but it looks like that wont be happening. After a crushing defeat in Iowa, he gave a concession speech that will probably be the only thing that most people remember about him. He finished his speech with a primeval yell that has quickly become a laughing stock.

Click here to hear: Dean’s Notorious Yell

I got it from

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