Ah Wonder of wonders! Miracle of miracles! Watch me do a cartwheel!

A new life! A new beginning! A new generation! A fresh start! The image of God all over again and the promise of redemption… The first of many loved grandchildren, each as precious and unique and special as the one before…

Elizabeth, “She?” looks like you! Luke said, “Look her hair is red.” Ta is beautiful! Although I confess I couldn’t make him/her out very clearly until the kids showed me… You could have sent an ultra sound picture of a baby elephant or wild boar passing it off as your precious baby and I would have probably written a similar enthusiastic response, kind of like all the people who observed the cloth the weavers of the emperor’s new clothes were weaving, none of us would have dared to admit we couldn’t see the baby. But even dull me did see him/her pretty well when pointed out. Thanks for letting us see. Makes us all the more anxious to see and hold him or her, if it’s possible to be more anxious than we were.

Thanks be to God!

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