Here is one of the ultrasound photos that we got today! The little baby looked very healthy and has two legs, two arms, two feet, at least five fingers on one hand, a beating heart (with four valves), kidneys, a brain, stomach, eyes, bladder, and a cute nose. He or she was very lively and kept up a steady squirming, stretching, kicking and punching the entire time. The little heart beat was amazing. They are so fast (150 bpm I think). There are a few more images on our photo gallery (a link is on the blog’s sidebar). The baby is about 17 weeks and they might want to take another look in a couple of weeks when he or she is a little older. We hope they do because it is so fun. &#74 We wished that they could have given us a video tape of it. We love you all and are looking forward to the firepot. Kevin, we will miss you! The mars photo was funny. I saw one in the doctors’ lobby where the Martians were standing ready with a baseball bat as the Beagle came down to land. &#74

Ultrasound Photo!

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