Katie, we really enjoyed your dream! It was a great image–sweet and funny! Thanks for sharing it. Takara, a big Japanese toy company, has come out with a new product that is supposed to make you dream whatever you want. They are famous for ridiculous products like a “doggy translator.” As I listen to the radio and interact with middle school kids, I have been thinking more and more about what a sad and privileged society we live in. For some reason the business report often makes me feel odd–like I am hearing the vital statistics on a large and (supposedly) self-sufficient Jaba-the-Hut (our consumer driven economy).

Kevin, sorry to hear about the disappointing conference. We are praying for you during this last semester. All your projects and ideas always sound very interesting to me. I will have to write more some time!

Isaac, happy birthday! I am sorry that we were not at your party. We look forward to hearing about it. Katie, we never even said happy birthday to you in December! [sad face] Happy birthday! We look forward to seeing everyone very much!

Please pray for Deb Bryan (our landlady). She just had an operation yesterday and was very shaky and nauseated. They kept her at the hospital for a few extra hours yesterday. Elizabeth picked her up with the boys and has been taking care of her. She had a cyst removed that they will be testing for cancer. The boys are scared and lonely.

Today is School Spirit Day and we all get to wear the school colors of blue and white. There was actually a very fun basket ball game the other day that I got to watch. The middle division boys that I teach have lost every game this year. They lost to their arch rival by over 20 points early in the year. But then they won their first game in a surprise victory over them in the final second of play. It was fun to be there.

Mom, you don’t need to worry that Elizabeth is depreciating of her new calling. We are both very excited and feel that it is an unalloyed and joyous privilege. She just has a strange New England sense of humor.

Well, I am getting very late for school. We love you all.

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