Kevin, I thought I had a lot to deal with until I read what you just posted. A lot in your day! So sorry the conference turned out disappointing. I hope you do get the promised hardware.

Thanks so much, Kevin, for all the time you have put into doing Java with Isaac! When I see what you have to do and all that’s going on, I can’t imagine how you manage to put in the time on that . Thanks.

We had a fun time for Bump’s birthday last evening. I guess he didn’t write anything on here about it I think I’ll hold off telling about it hoping that he will instead.

Tonight I am weeding through Dad’s closet. G& G (Kevin, you overheard this conversation when you were here) offered to pay for three new teaching outfits for Daddy if I took him out to buy them. SO Monday night we went into Frederick and shopped at the mall for three and a half hours for clothes for Dad. It turned out to be perfect timing. Really incredible 50 to 60% off on nice stuff. We found some very appropriate things, two sports jackets, a winter jacket, three shirts, pants, ties,… He looks really nice. Now I am tossing all the old sports jackets and sweaters with frayed sleeves and worn through elbows and nasty collars or the ones that were two sizes too big and the pants that came down to a mid calf knicker length. Now he will fit in well with the spotless- blemish-free- nothing-but-the-best environment at PHC.

Elizabeth, the opportunity that has recently (these past few months) opened up for you is also an incredibly valuable and stimulating one, (Boeing, Northrop Grumman, NASA, non of them have positions to offer that could begin to complete with the rewards or challenges that come with yours , not to mention with the eternal significance of it) with all kinds of promise for the future: world impact, kingdom building. It should prove challenging, stimulating, fresh and never static, right to the point of what life is all about, I can hardly think of a better job opportunity than this one that has landed right in your lap! (Pun intended.) I know you know all this too, but your note of encouragement to Kevin sounded so very disparaging of your own situation, at a time when you have landed one of the most significant callings you could possibly imagine! Don’t be duped into feeling like you are missing something better. There’s nothing you could find out there that would be as meaningful and as challenging a use of your time and energy, nor anything with as much scope for imagination as the physical, emotional, spiritual , and intellectual nurture of a new little person. Congratulations on your obtaining such a job! God and Jesse will bring in the material needs. If something works out well for you from home that brings in something to help, that’s great, but don’t pressure yourself by thinking you have to make it work. Enjoy and delight in what’s on your docket. You are going to be such an awesome mother! WE all can’t wait to see the fruit of it!

So go heat up some cold cuts and put your feet up, far away from the microwave. Wish you didn’t have to work so hard in the job you have right now!

I better go back to my (very meaningful challenging) sorting of Dad’s closet. I’m probably better at that than I am at trying to sort out somebody else’s, (especially my daughter- in law’s) thoughts for her. 🙂 Bear with the old lady, Elizabeth. Thanks.


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