Happy day-after-your-birthday, Otto. Katie had an exciting dream for your b.day present. BTW, I sent a Java e-mail to you. I also ordered a nice speaker/headset. Hopefully it’ll make our sessions on IM a little more pleasant.

The Southcon conference was terrible. The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando is a huge place and there was no indication where Southcon was located in it in any of the literature I got. We ended up hiking several miles before we found it only to listen to a sales pitch for six hours from the micro chip people (who had ran out of the hardware kits, which were the primary reason I went). We ended up leaving early. They said they’d mail kits to those of us who didn’t get them but I’m not holding my breath. Thankfully, IEEE is gonna foot the bill for the trip so it won’t be my money down the toilet. I did get a little bit of grading done while I was sitting there.

Today was really hectic. It’s amazing how quickly time gets filled up. I did an hour and a half’s work of thermodynamics homework before classes this morning and then had a lunch for Boeing scholars that was actually very interesting. I’m not a huge Boeing fan in general but the guy who was here gave some great arguments for the steps Boeing has taken. I wasn’t aware of the ATM stuff they’re doing. It’s along the lines of Highway in the Sky and SATS (although not quite going all the way). Anyway, I was excited.

Then more classes and a NASA presentation on the Launch Vehicles operations (everything non-Shuttle). He had a really cool animation of the Mars lift off. I’ll have to see if I can get it and post it here. Then two IEEE meetings, choir, and some EGR grading and right now I’m supposed to be doing the satellite homework before going off to a third IEEE chapter meeting at 8. It’s not looking like I’ll get to the homework.

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